Holy Sh*t! We have a website!

Well hi there everyone, and welcome to plusonetohijinks.com, the new home for everyone's favorite (maybe) D&D podcast! We're very excited to finally launch the new site and finally join the online world circa 2012. 

We've got all your favorite things here in one place, episode posts, a bio page for the players, a gallery for fan art from our awesome listeners, and even a handy dandy summary of the adventures so far!

You can also find links to all our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as all the places you can listen to us like iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio. Why there's even a spot where you can find a link to our good friend Mabovsky's soundcloud page!

And thank you as always to you all, our amazing listeners. You're all seriously the best and we hope that you'll continue to enjoy listening to the show as much as we do making it. Be sure to check back again each Friday for a fresh new batch of Hijinks!