Meet the party!

Champion Lightspur a.k.a β€œIon”

Six foot two inches and bright red with horns. Ion Lightspur is a dedicated member of the Order of the Gallant Shield, a knightly order of paladins devoted to the tenants of Torm, Tyr, and Illmater. Ian seeks to bring justice to the land and protect the innocent. You know, boring paladin stuff. Ian is voiced by Aaron. Follow him on Twitter @AaronCollom.


Hunter a.k.a Helmsley

Dark and mysterious, the Elven Ranger known only as Hunter (and also Helmsley) moves through the shadows unseen and unaware, especially of his own surroundings. Hunter is also haunted by a dark past that constantly threatens to catch up with him. Batma... I mean Hunter is voiced by Stephen. Follow him on Twitter @sahoshida.


Fulgrim Ironbeard

Possessing the lowest center of gravity of all the members of the party and a superhuman tolerance for alcohol, Fulgrim Ironbeard is the heart, soul and liver of the Hijinks party. Seemingly the last of his clan, Fulgrim searches for clues as to the fate of his family and the source of his next drink. Fulgrim is voiced by Eric. He is not on Twitter. 


Alton Meliamne

Arguably the best dressed of the crew, Alton is also the reason that they're all in this damn mess! Spurred by the disappearance of his parents, Alton recruited some friends and set out to find them, looking fabulous the entire time. Oh, and he can kill people with his mind. Alton is voiced by Jordan, who is also not on Twitter. 


DM Tom

The disembodied voice of Narrative itself, DM Tom is not a real person. More like there's an idea of a DM Tom. He is easily identified by his weird hybrid accent and can often be found begging for 5 star reviews on iTunes. Follow him on Twitter @MrBBurne.