Ep. 85.5 - The Carpenterbowl - Starman vs Village of the Damned

This week on the Carpenterbowl, two very different movies about alien visitors face off in what proves to be the most one sided battle yet. Will upsettingly plastic faced Jeff Bridges as Starman be able to defeat a dozen ominous, tween colonizers? Listen in to find out!

Also quick programming note, we discovered after recording that Eric's mic was off the entire time while recording! We did our best to amplify him but his commentary is a little quiet still. Sorry about that!

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Ep. 84 - Preparations (Interlude) - Part 1

The party takes a moment to rest and reflect while they wait for Kel's informant to provide the location of their next mission. But is this the calm before the storm? Or did we already use that line in a previous adventure arc's title? Wouldn't be the first time we've recycled a bad joke!

Also on this week's episode: Alton plans for the future; Ion receives a surprise visitor; Fulgrim makes a proposal; and Hunter preaches that good, good word.

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Ep. 83.5 - Mini-Episode - Best of Table Talk 2018

2018 huh? That was a heck of a year. Sort of made it hard to find the funny. But we dug deep into the archives and found...well we found something ok? So please enjoy the "best" of table talk for 2018, now eleven days into 2019.

Track List:

1. Alan Rickman Ghosted Me

2. Jesus Talk

3. Michael Jordan Is Good At Basketball

4. Press Secretary Shaggy

5. The Parrot Will See You Know

6. Farming Is Fun

7. Tom Will Fight Train

8. "And Then She Bought A Samarui Sword..."

9. Everyone Hates Creed

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