Ep. 90.5 - The Carpenterbowl - Questions and Next Round

We dive in deep this week and ask ourselves two critical questions, how do you know you're watching a John Carpenter movie and is John Carpenter a good director? Also we outline our plans for Round Two of the Carpenterbowl.

Programming note: DM Tom says at one point that "Paul Anderson" is an example of an auteur director. He meant to say Wes Anderson. Paul Anderson made the Resident Evil movie. Wes Anderson made The Royal Tenenbaums. You can see how he'd get those mixed up.

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Ep. 90 - Going Once - Part 4

All hell breaks lose this week as the party fails once again to try and stick to their plan and handle things quietly. Can they overcome Degeneration Hex, the latest in a long line of groups that want to kill them mere moments after they meet them? Or will their hopes for success be pinned once and for all? Listen to find out!

Also on this week's episode: Fulgrim turns heel; Hunter is big in Japan; Ion comes in off the top rope; and Alton commits fashion violence.

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Ep. 89 - Going Once - Part 3

The game is afoot! And the party is well and truly over their heads as they are forced to investigate using their minds and not their weapons or psychic death powers. Can they discover the meaning of their clue to the secret auction? Or will they spend their final days wandering in search of answers? Tune in to find out!

Alton commits fashion vandalism; Hunter goes on the prowl; Fulgrim roles dem bones; and Ion gives a sterling performance.

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