Ep. 67.5 - The Dio-spora

The monkey's paw curled once again as we wished for content to make up for a missed player interview. And Aaron, the man writing this, has gone drunk with power and thrown out DMCA takedown bait like never before. Listen to me say the same thing about one of the greatest, including saying he is just the best, so good, world class, THAT RONNIE JAMES DIO! Lost to us in 2016, his music and ripping vocals live on. And, I have made sure you have a custom 19 song playlist of my favorite choices. 

The Dio-spora playlist 

p.s. the 90's don't count and nobody needs to pay attention to them

Guest Dio Big Time Fan DJ Ion Lightspur signing off!

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Ep. 67 - The Road To Redemption - Part 7

We're counting the beat in the most musical challenge yet as the Conductor puts the party into dire straits. Can Alton rise against the challenge and prove he's a fortunate son of a bard? Or will he be forced to let it be and surrender? Can DM Tom find another musical reference to drop in here? Probably not...Freddie Mercury.

Also on this week's episode: Fulgrim strikes with thunder; The full realization of what he's done hits Hunter; Alton's suspicions are finally proven correct; and Aaron negotiates inspirationally for his party once again. 

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Ep. 66.5 - Mini-Episode - Player Check In With Eric

This week in the Hijinks Bunker, DM Tom and Eric sit down to chat about all things Fulgrim! Has he grown as a character at all? How have things changed now that his cousin is back in the picture? What are his plans once their adventures are over? Listen in to find out the answer to these and a few other questions! Also have a listen to some of Stephen's thoughts, because I can't just "Edit that out" guys, it all mixes together! Do you think I have a magic wand? Some sort of sonic centrifuge to magically fix things? Either it dies or it lives it can not be filtered! - Guest Editor DJ Ion Lightspur

Ep. 66 - The Road To Redemption - Part 6

With Magister Hallifax's seal in hand, the party returns to the Library of Namir to finally start the search for the true name of The Beautiful Corruption. Can they find the knowledge they seek? Is knowledge truly power? Is knowing half the battle? And if so, what's the other half? Listen in to find out!

Spoiler alert: it's swords. Swords are the other half of the battle. 

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