Ep. 78 - Ain't No Temple Dry Enough - Part 5

It feels good to be back. Except thanks to the miracle of editing and time travel, it's like we never left. Except for that two months we were gone. Anyway, this was the first episode we recorded after we got back from hiatus, which is why you'll hear us mentioning that it's good to be back. Which it is. Good I mean. To be back. Also you may hear a little echo on this recording, we were still figuring out the remote recording stuff.

All hell breaks loose in record time on this weeks episode as the party manages to start a fight within seconds of arriving in the Temple of the Crushing Wave. Can they silence their adversaries before the alarm is raised? Listen in to find out!

Also on this weeks episode: Fulgrim makes all the attacks; Ion tries to warn everyone about the water; Alton takes a trip to Tentacle Town; and Hunter brings the thunder.

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