Table Talk

Ep. 83.5 - Mini-Episode - Best of Table Talk 2018

2018 huh? That was a heck of a year. Sort of made it hard to find the funny. But we dug deep into the archives and found...well we found something ok? So please enjoy the "best" of table talk for 2018, now eleven days into 2019.

Track List:

1. Alan Rickman Ghosted Me

2. Jesus Talk

3. Michael Jordan Is Good At Basketball

4. Press Secretary Shaggy

5. The Parrot Will See You Know

6. Farming Is Fun

7. Tom Will Fight Train

8. "And Then She Bought A Samarui Sword..."

9. Everyone Hates Creed

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Ep. 35.5 - Mini-Episode - The Best of Table Talk 2016

It's that time of the year again! Some would say, the most wonderful time of the year. It's time for the best of table talk for 2016. Our annual collection of random clips that we found funny but didn't quite fit as part of the adventure episodes. 

So why not celebrate the holiday season the traditional way; listening to five idiots cracks jokes in your earbuds while you avoid talking to your family. 

On this weeks episode:

- Good news, Smashmouth still sucks
- Stephen met Jack Black
- The Mighty Ducks Vs Predator
- Jordan knows OJ Simpson
- Suckers
- Sigmund Freud, Tiger Trainer
- Stephen is not allowed at Pier 39 anymore
- WASP infestation
- DM Tom is mad

Link: Predator the Musical

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