Ep. 92.5 - The Carpenterbowl - Halloween Vs The Mouth of Madness

Round two of The Carpenterbowl kicks off this week as the grandfather of all slasher horror Halloween goes up against one of Carpenters most underrated and engaging films, The Mouth of Madness. Which film will emerge triumphant and move on to the final round? Listen in to find out!

Show notes:

Bloody Disgusting - Retrospective: John Carpenter's Overlooked Cosmic Apocalypse Picture 'In the Mouth of Madness' Turns 25

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Ep 92 - Going Once - Part 6

Not content with their shenanigans in Bargewright Inn so far, this week the party does what they do best, try desperately to speak to people in a calm, normal fashion. Can they have just one goddamn conversation where they don't come across as complete sociopaths for once? Please? Listen in to find out!

Also on this week's episode: Fulgrim buys in bulk; Hunter huffs laundry; Alton is sorry for everyone; and Ion borrows the baby bjorn.

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Ep. 90.5 - The Carpenterbowl - Questions and Next Round

We dive in deep this week and ask ourselves two critical questions, how do you know you're watching a John Carpenter movie and is John Carpenter a good director? Also we outline our plans for Round Two of the Carpenterbowl.

Programming note: DM Tom says at one point that "Paul Anderson" is an example of an auteur director. He meant to say Wes Anderson. Paul Anderson made the Resident Evil movie. Wes Anderson made The Royal Tenenbaums. You can see how he'd get those mixed up.

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