Ep. 87 - Going Once - Part 1

The party makes their final preparations before departing for the Bargewright Inn where they hope to secure the arcane orb of destruction before it can do any harm. But a last minute arrival at Deephearth threatens to throw their plans into chaos. Will they be able to overcome this new obstacle? Listen in to find out!

Ion does science; Alton has science done to him; Fulgrim has things on lock; and Hunter makes a deal with a devil.

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Ep. 85.5 - The Carpenterbowl - Starman vs Village of the Damned

This week on the Carpenterbowl, two very different movies about alien visitors face off in what proves to be the most one sided battle yet. Will upsettingly plastic faced Jeff Bridges as Starman be able to defeat a dozen ominous, tween colonizers? Listen in to find out!

Also quick programming note, we discovered after recording that Eric's mic was off the entire time while recording! We did our best to amplify him but his commentary is a little quiet still. Sorry about that!

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