Ep. 76.5 - Hijinks Cast Q and A - Part 2

We have the second part of the two part Q and A episode! Yaaaaaaay *kermit shake* Pre-apologies, I promised a splice from the past, but we weren't able to deliver the goods from our deep archives. Deliver what? Listen and Find out! Also, here is to you AJ the Real One. *tips hat*


Ep. 76 - Ain't No Temple Dry Enough - Part 3

The party makes hurried preparations for their raid on the Temple of the Crushing Wave. Will making more haste lead to more waste? Is that a saying? Anyway, the point is rushing without planning can only lead to good things. Right? Guys?

Also on this week's episode: Ion keelhauls himself; Fulgrim has a heart to heart; Hunter doesn't know how levitation works; and Alton is ready to pimp his ride.

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Ep. 75.5 - Hijinks Cast Q and A - Part 1

We have a two part question and answer session from the Plus One to Hijinks cast! Like Phil Ken Sebben smoothly whispering into Birdman's ear, we probe for the questions that mean something to us all. What do you want in life? What do you fear? Do NPC's feel love? None of these examples are real, but neither is this time line, so dig in and have a listen!

Ep. 75 - Ain't No Temple Dry Enough - Part 2

The party returns to Deephearth and a heartfelt reunion this week as they return to the task at hand, tracking down Harold Greyspear and thwarting the evil machinations of the elemental cults. But the appearance of a strange visitor may throw their best attempts at planning into chaos. What tidings does this uninvited guest bring? Listen in to find out!

Also on this week's episode: Alton just wants his room back; Ion is done being nice; Fulgrim asks the tough questions; and Hunter is the DM now.

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Ep. 74.5 - Friends Like D&Dese


Aaron frantically tries to fill in time experimenting with discord recording boths, the government, and you. What characters are those around me fond of? What experiences have they experienced? What makes them tick? That would have been a good question us. Join us in this week's mini episode, as I attempt to clean them up into something worth listening to eventually! Hijinks!