Ep. 69.75 - Mini-Episode - Stephen Talks Infinity Gauntlet

Say have you all heard about this "Infinity War" thing that's coming out this week? Some sort of movie about superheroes if you can believe it. And it turns out, the dang thing was a comic before it was a movie! Isn't that something?! The whole thing looks really confusing to us but luckily we have our resident comics expert Stephen on hand to talk about it. The comic part at least. We haven't seen the movie yet. Tune in and listen as the Hijinks crew talk about the insanity that is comics from the early 90s and put forth some predictions on what they think will happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Ep. 69 - The Road To Redemption - Part 9

It's episode 69 (nice) of Plus One to Hijinks and this week the party strategizes the best way to bring down an immortal demonic priestess intent on summoning the eldritch horror she worships. Can they find a way to unravel the Weavers plans? Listen to find out! Also, we all spend time dunking on Celine Delion, which in hindsight seems kind of unnecessary. She's trying as hard as she can you guys.

Also on this week's episode: Hunter sneaks; Alton shrieks; Fulgrim forgets his axe's name...again. And DM Tom knows goddamn everything about weaving.

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Ep. 68 - The Road To Redemption - Part 8

The party weaves their special brand of hijinks this week as they continue their foray into the Library of Namir. With the music room behind now behind them, can they sew things up and find what they're looking for? Or will everything come unraveled? Listen in to find out!

Also on this week's episode: Fulgrim takes a downward slide; Hunter goes undercover; Ion smells something demonic; and everyone hates Doug.

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